What need site diagnosis analysis

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2, the web site is included. The small and medium sites included in more than 50, included general explains the website of little value is not high.

is a professional website optimization personnel, some Shanghai dragon basic operation is to understand. Only to master the basic skills of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, a diagnosis for their website can, according to the data obtained, make targeted optimization scheme. Today, we will talk about the site analysis and diagnosis of what should pay attention to:

, a website speed. Which website slowly has two main factors:

included two site. The number of sites included, although not representative of the website quality, but also from the side reflects the recognition of the search engine on the web. The most important thing is to choose a path, static path. The website also can see the site collected the title, description, and other settings are reasonable path. In general, the title of the website not all call site description with the content of the web site, site description is not necessarily a search engine, search engine based on user search changes. The title and description is set incorrectly, will cause difficulties included. In addition, the path of the website is not reasonable can also cause the difficult included, suggested here do not choose the directory Chinese characters Pinyin abbreviations, the search engine is hard to correct recognition, and should use the spelling, but not more than four words in pinyin, so you can get the search engine plus, thus increasing included.

1 server, factors. Site speed is slow or fast, we can use Ping tools to query. Many webmaster website have to provide the tools, as long as you can enter the domain name, here not say. If the server open slowly, that is about to consider replacement. In general, the server is the fastest, other servers in Hongkong and abroad are relatively slow, if web traffic is high, suggest or choose domestic server.

2, the website program factors. Site procedures open slowly, usually because of too many calls, large size picture cause, as long as the use of page speed this tool can solve the compression.

The acquaintance degree of

three, Links. We have to analyze the quantity and quality of the website Links, then what kind of friend chain is the high quality? There are 3 main points:

four, the station page. The site of high similarity, will reduce the value of the site, the influence of the web page features. The site of high similarity, usually because of too much text sample, a list of recommended frequent.

1, see its export quantity. If a web site are over 40 links, so that its weight and high, not high quality chain.

3, keywords ranking. A web site with a ranking in the keywords ranking, optimization and maintenance is in place, the quality is good friend chain.

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