The new concept of Shanghai Dragon – hive landing page

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different hive landing pages, have different ideas on this page optimization, for example, most of the front page of the site will become a hive landing page, the home crowd is mostly landing search keywords to the home page so optimization ideas should be like this: 1 Analysis of search keywords population mental activity trajectory

I raise this honeycomb landing page Shanghai Longfeng noun, because for a long time, the optimization of the landing page is very difficult because of the landing page is not fixed, the home can be the landing page list page is the landing page, the page can be landing page, even a small web site map display page can also be the landing page, so put forward the concept of the landing page, our colleagues in the Shanghai dragon has love and love it is limited, because we know that the landing page of website conversion rate, browsing depth, page retention time and fluctuation of repeat and other important Shanghai dragon data, hate it because we cannot control the landing page for all the web pages of their website may be landing page. With the concept of a hive landing page, Shanghai Longfeng workers no longer have no direction, using the concept of the hive landing page, web browsing data on your site to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and then organized into their own website hive landing page.

honeycomb landing page is a concept that I created, it is extended from Shanghai Phoenix landing page in it, I first talk about the concept of the hive landing page: the so-called honeycomb landing page refers to those single landing page accounts for ten percent of the total of all website landing page page. Like bees in the hive on landing, one thousand bees, at least 990 will only be accurate landing in the hive, 10 only because of wind and other reasons, will be landing in the trunk or branches. Your site one hundred IP today to visit your site through search engines or outside the chain, which has 40 IP landing on the four page, then the four page is your website hive landing page.

honeycomb landing page is a new concept, a new concept which you need to take time to read it, read after the success to use it to create benefits for your website, I hope I have created the Shanghai dragon concept can bring some benefits for everyone, I am Obsessi>

2 landing crowd fair, the optimized page elements, including: image content, page show column, column in the bulletin, the content of the home page, the home page online customer service function design and so on.

honeycomb landing page

data, if the data of the historical data has a positive change, even if it is very small, so this page optimization is successful, then as long as the remaining hive landing pages can be optimized in turn.

Optimization of

after optimization, from 20 to 30 days of Shanghai dragon data, including: conversion rate, bounce rate, return rate, browsing depth and residence time.

4 Analysis of After 3 honeycomb landing page According to the characteristics of The theory of

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