The black horse Allison entrepreneurs, strange things yellow woman

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text / Zhang Tianyi cow church founder and CEO

recently appeared in many articles one after another Ma Jiajia, his comments points are "Ma Jiajia this mouseexcrement, upside down 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurs in the soup". My circle of friends and even several age entrepreneurs funny to release "their own horse and Allison not half dime", "resolutely and draw a line like Allison Ma, Ma Jiajia tarnished the reputation of this group we let our business more difficult to do" such words. In short, there are large public torrents, "Qing Fu die, Lu has not been difficult" meaning.


and Allison Shenzhen less, not more than five to meet. Allison’s style and point of view, I also not recognized. In my opinion, Yao Yao are easy to fold, easily the best pollution, Sheng reputation over the head, there must be someone say you a liar, today’s "horse Allison dilemma", the actual year before Mr. Fan Ye wrote in "Houhanshu", it pointed out the reason.

but for the characteristics of a liberal arts students mouth restless, I still want to have this and I have no relationship between things out two birds.

in my opinion, these dark horse Allison articles, are a perfect example of one of the most profound evil people: things yellow strange woman. This logic, in the history of our country, is not new: Xia Huang, huang shang happily blame blame, blame the Baosi Huang Zhou Dynasty daji. Today entrepreneurs how all of a sudden a liar? Blame Ma Allison


and Allison said Ma do not have so much energy, by a group of people, but if the horse Allison really like these articles inside said was so unbearable, so not worth mentioning, so that processing in Xiaoheiwu inside "all the people around the horse Allison", I am afraid that is not high: since the girl all of these people were described as long overdue end, but also zhashi jumping around the small monster, so willing to half the people of the grave must also not grilled what good bird.


help fight against Ma Jiajia, several 90 entrepreneurs who actually inherited a shit largest in our culture: "team" shit.

this set of logic is about this: first division team (a gentleman with the villain, the reformists and conservatives, and non – 90 90.) group charges and weave portrait: no difference spewing blow. The logic of this struggle, the truth and the truth is not important to these people, common sense is not important, it is important to use the knife to kill people. The knife is not, then the knife.

today we are these people with a concept of gossip and tear forced vortex, but ignore one of the most common characters and the commercial test is the only criterion for time. Ma Yun fell back to ten years ago, it was a liar mlm. Those who say that Ma Jiajia should approach death, she is also active in recent years, the past few years.

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