Shanghai Longfeng select moderate or subversive destruction smoothly

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About two concepts about entrepreneurship related article

white hat Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Shanghai dragon mentioned in accordance with the proposed idea is to search and benign symbiosis, and played a role in improving and standardizing the website design, make it more friendly to search engine and users, and obtain more reasonable flow of technology from Shanghai dragon phoenix. The search engine is to encourage and support the "white Shanghai dragon". If you want to learn the white hat Shanghai Longfeng, several points need to pay attention to the following:

if Shanghai Longfeng choice mean congratulations, steady, you will have a glorious struggle for the white hat Shanghai dragon.

1, learn "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" and "Google webmaster guidelines", because the two search engine official guide is proposed, the theoretical knowledge is the most standard white hat Shanghai Longfeng operation, the need to pay particular attention to the Google webmaster guidelines for the Lord, for love can be confirmed because the Shanghai guide. Love Shanghai Chinese things speak a little, a lot of places more official, we need a careful analysis and research.



in recent years Shanghai dragon is very fast, now do Shanghai dragon must have their own core competitiveness, but many people now talk about the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng are some technical talks for micro innovation, disruptive innovation thinking and theory of Shanghai dragon was not mentioned. Because just as Zhou Hongyi said, in China, subversion and sabotage is usually two negative words, because Chinese pay attention to harmony, moderation, Confucianism, love do everything step by step, the steady development of a step by step, to destroy a person to engage in, one is thinking of imprisonment, two is not fat enough courage for example, love Shanghai recently said to change the algorithm against spam sites, many people indeed obedient according to love Shanghai algorithm to do the adjustment, but there are many according to the algorithm to adjust the site alive.

Zhou Hongyi in the recent "IT" in the Time, is a subversive innovation, one is micro innovation, he mentioned that the former is that the latter is operation. A very important tool for the grass-roots entrepreneurs do Shanghai Longfeng, here to talk about the problem of entrepreneurship, I couldn’t help but think about the road and the road of Shanghai Longfeng, usually said is truth, the concept of law of metaphysics, in which we talked about in the Shanghai dragon theory and thinking, and the operation is implemented the means and methods, namely, most of the time we talk about the Shanghai Dragon technology, including the selection and layout of the site keywords, structural adjustment, program optimization, data analysis etc..

The development of

Shanghai dragon smooth or select moderate subversive

2, pay attention to practice, but should pay more attention to innovation. After the Shanghai dragon master theory comprehensive, you need to put the theory into practice, we believe that in practice has accumulated and mastered many tips, such as a new station on the line we find high weight forum for the chain will be able to quickly included, "

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