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second, finishing the competition website keywords

1, love Shanghai Pastebin page more than 3 million best you don’t choose short-term optimization of such words is not conducive to, but rather through long-term accumulation, I think after the website traffic can rise again to do.

for mining webmasters may have their own unique insights, but I found many webmaster and in conversation, some of them have many wrong opinion mining, such as the most common use of love index in Shanghai mining site keywords, the film that love Shanghai index is higher, so the key. There is a rival; see what keywords, he copied down. Keywords mining method that in my opinion is wrong, we should learn more reasonable mining skills, I also come here to tell you what keywords mining method is the most reasonable method.

third, using the keywords

is through the analysis of the competition website to mining is my most used, when when I want to build a new website to enter a core keywords, then the search engine will display many related core keywords ", and this time we according to the principle of odd and even pick up 1, 3 5, 7, 9, 11 of the six sites, and then through the Shanghai dragon query tool query to their site keywords respectively, finally the sites keywords are copied to the EXCEL tool. This is the first step I dig Keywords: first is to find the core words in the selected one of your competitors website arrangement in front of six bit odd sites, finally through the six keyword query tool will reproduce on EXCEL website.

when the EXCEL is set up, the second step is very simple, the keyword text as delete, delete the keywords regional, so by streamlining you will find your keywords in the EXCEL document has at least 1/3 less, this is because the website keywords arranged in the home of the lot is the same, and many of them have regional. Our second step is to delete duplicate keywords and key regional

3, the use of

2, if you do popular websites, then choose the best keywords don’t too upset, so if you don’t fall in love with the sea refers to the number of keywords, then I also do not recommend selection, site keywords such choice will not bring too much traffic to your site.

, the first competitor analysis site keywords

tool cuts love ShanghaiA reference element

love Shanghai tool is our website keywords, keywords after finishing well, we will be in these words one by one input love Shanghai index and search engines love Shanghai, following the step I put forward some suggestions:

love > refers to the sea

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