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to complete the establishment of the station in a web site, the first thing we need to do is to select the site keywords, which is related to the theme of the site and the future traffic and ranking, it is a site where the heart, how to do the correct selection of the site keywords is particularly important. This is a list of some key methods to help you better optimize the work site, in addition, for some people in the industry, this paper will also help you make some corresponding quotation principle, to avoid a lot of energy will keywords ranking do go up, return is scanty.

through the trend map analysis, we can see the word index between 3500-7000, such a high index of prohibitive, of course, there are also many word index is up by brush, this time, we need a two identification, the most true love was Shanghai home.



here is the natural ranking love part of Shanghai, we can see the love from Shanghai home, bidding on only three, where love is a subsidiary of Shanghai, a large part of the occupied, the right is the brand area, is also expected to be and, although the degree of competition is not very intense, only three of the competition. But we can see from the natural ranking page ranking is still the main website three, we analyze the three home website.


we choose a theme as an example, if we need to do a "hotel reservation", first of all, our main page keywords must be the same and hotel booking or related, more importantly, we should according to their own website "lines", if we want to do is a large PingTai Railway Station, capital and technology are relatively strong, OK, we can be the most competitive keywords, if our current economic strength can only create a small website, then we get the best side out, through the long tail keywords to mass flow.


put this level of website is not we want to play to the competition, and decisively abandon the choice of keywords. Then, for the expansion of keywords, we can learn about bidding tools – love Shanghai promotion assistant. You can download this get in love in Shanghai, and then the bidding tool will let us look more efficiently in the selection of key words.

this time, choose the key words for us is very important. Before making a page, I was the most commonly used method is to select keywords, first of all, I will see what is in the word related to love Shanghai love Shanghai index index with simple tools, to observe the degree of competition, such as "hotel reservation" of the word.

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