On 2012 Shanghai dragon 7 forecast

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Comscore data show that Bing + Yahoo has 30% market share in North America, with 65% noble baby. I personally think that this data there are still some water, I tend to like the Statcount data source. Statcount data show nobility baby’s market share has been close to 82% and the sum of Bing + Yahoo only 16%. This proportion is likely to continue until 2013 January.

the past four years we have witnessed the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare and Tumblr one after another received more than tens of millions of users. 2012 will be the Pinterest display skills to the full year. Moreover, Pinterest is also the first female users of social networks in the dominant platform.

According to

can’t deny, search engine optimization and social network marketing has become increasingly inseparable, but in 2012, I believe we will see who ignore the social network of the Shanghai dragon dim exits, as is 1999-2000 years without the sample chain deployment of Shanghai dragon. Not only in reference to the factors of social network search engine ranking algorithm, the social network has become the Internet users to share, mining new things leading means. The role of the chain can be the future years are effective, but the hotspot of social network, concerns it is changing every day, constantly refresh.

The biggest reason


three: Pinterest

will become the mainstream

forecast: the North American market, the market share of Bing will be a small increase, Google still occupy more than 80% market


four: disturbing ads will cause the user antipathy for the noble baby

because of social network intervention, the traditional definition of Shanghai dragon has become more broad, which is responsible for the optimization object is expanded from the original single search engine to the category of social network.

because of such outstanding performance, more and more marketers choose Pinterest to promote the site, seeking potential users.

The development of

is not just a user for the noble baby brand loyalty and inertia, but noble baby in the long tail keyword search of excellence.

two: no social networks will become the Shanghai dragon as trassient as a fleeting cloud

to Google based analysis of the future of Shanghai dragon industry. Forecast not only aims to share these personal opinion, more is expected for the Internet marketing personnel to provide some help.

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