n the chain and promotion process you must pay attention to the time factor

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Why is

if we know the user at this time is the peak of the online shopping, we must choose the time to peak when online shopping promotion, the only way to maximize our interests. For example, we are doing Taobao, we all know that information baby Taobao rankings have a great relationship with the shelf time, this time we can in the time of the peak of the Internet crowd threw the baby in the front row, so as to maximize the benefits. If your baby shelf time is 2:00, this time people are sleeping, how can you see the baby information, so we have to promote our products at the peak of the Internet users, only in this way can we get the maximum benefit. May of course of different industries, the Internet population peak is not the same as our network marketing personnel should be the first time we get a clear idea of the group where the industry users in active online time.

In fact, the

forum to do outside the chain is the same, we all know that the chain will have a quality of the birth of high quality. What is the quality of the articles in the forum? Those with prestige, plus the fire on the article, most of the articles are the most interactive reply article is high quality articles. And all this is based on what the premise is not the most active forum time point. Love stay up as we do the network marketing this person, you at two or three in the evening post, when people are sleeping. We all know that the forum post ranking is released.

now do network marketing is love said to do precision marketing, the most important point of the precision marketing is the time factor. Often speak in love in a word is to meet the right person at the right time, so in network marketing we also need to do the right thing at the right time. That is to say you have to know your main user online time, and most users of the Internet time. For example, Taobao previously published a study about online shopping time data, a day online shopping time has three peaks. The first one is twelve to fourteen, second is seventeen to nineteen third twenty-one to half past twenty-two, about such a situation.

the chain and promotion to put together to speak? May ask some friends. That is because these two are the most important factors affecting the website ranking. But there are many similarities between the two, and this relationship is a greater fear. I often talk with friends to do the chain extension type, because a large part of the quality of the chain has by the user to determine (before I wrote "the weight of the chain has come to the user in charge time"). The factors behind the decision is click, the more times you click on this link, it proves that you this link is to solve user problems, quality is naturally high. So the search engine judgment method of the chain the best quality is to see the link active degree (also refers to click). So we in the chain of the chain must want to do promotion, to explain the relationship between the chain and the promotion of more convenient stresses behind the time factor.

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