To improve the quality of site quality from a single web page

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is correlation, improve website content of our proposal in the macroscopic guide to the original degree of transparency, convenience to improve the quality of web pages, a little macro, the actual operation is not a lot we can do these things, but when the station we basically do some. Although the specific optimization is also focused on the macro theory, but need to do the work. The following specific to talk about the specific operation:

has a number of suggestions about "quality in an article in Google’s Adwords, personally think that is very good effect. Look at Google is how to say:

Google If you have heard of



1, correlation for TF-IDF using

TF-IDF weighted technology, you should hurry to learn about, it plays a very important role in the relationship between page keywords. TF-IDF is a statistical method, evaluating a keyword for a file or a set of one of the documents in the corpus of the importance to. Keywords the importance of times it appears in the file is proportional to the increase, but at the same time as it appears in the corpus is inversely proportional to the frequency decreased. So the number of keywords in the web page does not necessarily appear higher some more factors to be considered in two aspects. For example, "we" and "you" such words in the whole corpus frequency is very high, comprehensive down may keywords appear frequency on the importance of a single page effect is very small, but the word frequency is not our company Beijing station "new Zhibang" appeared in the whole page too much so, in the station layout is conducive to the importance of new z’bang highlights website, the correlation is done very well.

is convenient and easy to use. Many of the sites we go in for a long time can not find what you want, or has been, but can not show to the user, this is a very bad thing, or have a good idea, very good information to share interactive without these functions, it can not this site is relatively uncomfortable. We can for such problems.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recent attention has been focused on some skills of internal site optimization, personal understanding is: do internal optimization, the most important part of the construction can be divided into two, one is the internal search engine optimization, to improve search engine retrieval quality optimization, one for internal optimization of users, to provide the most convenient access for users, the information content of the best and most complete the most authoritative. The two aspects we can organize called the website quality, a website by the website all the web pages, so do the internal web site optimization, web site is actually enhance the quality, it is also today I want to share the theme: how to improve the quality of web pages.

for convenient optimization of Web front-end

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