Enterprise stand to get the conversion from the overall optimization of the details of the start

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according to this understanding, many enterprises do not attach importance to station landing page, they think that the landing page increased but not essential, will allow users to feel bored. But I do not think so, if the landing page is set up, the optimization is good, very meaningful to enhance the user experience and get traffic conversion rate is. The enterprise can optimize the page station itself is not much, the product page is in addition to the news page, thus increasing the landing page is very useful. So how to optimize the good landing page? I think we should do the following:

ZhengZhan optimization involves details very much, I now are not here to discuss, but put forward two more need to pay attention to the whole optimization details: the landing page and traffic dispersion. The following is an enterprise the station, through the optimization of these details, has now reached the ideal ranking, a lot of conversion rate:

enterprise station now due to intense competition, sometimes even the best row > main keywords and long tail keywords.

second: good flow dispersion, to create more traffic entrance


(1) page should have the character, style, distinctive fashion. Now most users of the uniform template enterprise station has been fatigued, add a beautiful landing page is very pleasant for users. The landing page is not too big, but must have the character, but also can reflect the enterprise culture and the main products are as follows:

personality and can reflect the landing page is the most perfect, the enterprise should learn to stand.

well, nonsense not say, now began to enter our theme

(2) landing page highlight of guide words. Landing page is not only to improve the user experience, is a weapon to improve the enterprise stand conversion rate. Therefore, the picture of the text is very important music guide. Users stay on the landing page not too long, we should put a similar "click to buy", "the order", "consultation" with guide words insert the landing page in the middle of the most conspicuous place, so that the user can be the first time you need to find the East West, which can effectively improve the conversion rate.

first: do not neglect the enterprise station landing page optimization of the landing page should also become the main work



is now more and more enterprises have taken a stand or bidding Shanghai Longfeng way to improve your site traffic, eager to get the real conversion rate, but the fact is not so. Whether do the bidding or by Shanghai dragon put some keywords do the home page, the traffic is scanty, the conversion rate is low. So, only for a few key words to do optimization have been unable to meet the demand of the enterprise stand flow, only through the entire station optimization to obtain the conversion rate.

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