8.25 update algorithm to update or attract eyeball

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has been to 8.25, found that changes in site ranking:

last year, Google has finally updated the time a few months does not update the PR value, love Shanghai immediately update algorithm, the webmaster attention quickly pulled back from Google. Now, as the focus of the station in 360 search, when love Shanghai fell and 360 shares rose, Shanghai love again update algorithm, big update from June to August update, seems to love Shanghai step more and more quickly, more and more anxious. Feel the opponent’s pressure?

and the love of Shanghai update algorithm, giving the impression that this update algorithm is very imperfect, even just a test version of the algorithm must love Shanghai in the subsequent period of time correction. Google announced such a statement, the effect that the search engine will update algorithm, but not artificial interference website ranking, even update algorithm is not perfect, no artificial intervention". But I do not know whether there is such a love Shanghai to admit failure tolerance algorithm.

in early August 22nd, the various chiefs have said that in the sea will be in the No. 23 line of new algorithm, Lee in Shanghai released the head of the community called "love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking" low quality site posts, and 12345 for example.

please allow me to use this despicable view of this algorithm to update the technology, love Shanghai a company why to attract eyeballs entertainment.



when love Shanghai ranking changes, the first idea in my mind is how love Shanghai; when the Google rankings change, want is the site where not doing well? It seems webmaster nature contains the love of Shanghai suspicion and distrust.

Xuzhou talent network recently love Shanghai changes in the ranking statistics, keywords before the home page ranking after the update directly dropped to eighty-sixth, then rose to 42 in the afternoon. Before the update some keywords for the old domain (early 2010 to replace the domain, 301 jump, until a few days ago in Shanghai love ranking is still there in the old domain exists), updated the old domain name disappeared.

love Shanghai, I hope you can do the referee, the athlete’s position to others.

love Shanghai, hope you treat the webmaster, webmaster is only.


has no intention to discuss the site itself is cheating and love Shanghai, the rationality of the algorithm, the search engine algorithm update is required, the search engine and the black hat is the Shanghai dragon one inch high magic relationship between a high, in this continuous competition constantly improve the search engine algorithm. We all know that Google last updated 500 times the algorithm is almost two times a day.

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