Techniques and precautions about Web links

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1, avoid using Flash as navigation, do not use embedded JS files web site navigation, search engines cannot read the Flash content and the contents of the JS file;

placed the tags tag in the web page, not only let the reader can find their interest in the faster, and to strengthen the internal links.

5, relevant keywords link


4, the

we are generally in the footer is placed on the copyright information and so on, the core keywords in the footer on the link, but should not overdo sth., each page put words, is likely to be search engine punishment.

site map

4, random article link: make more this reader, and when you don’t have time to update the article, it also plays the role of Web site updates, let search engines know that your site is active;

2, the website directory is best not more than three layers, if the content is too much, to multilayer, enable two domain; static pages more than dynamic web search >

3, tags

404 error page

who do not want to when you entered the wrong address is turned to the page (such as input, 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/xxx.html) hit a bare error page will always make people very uncomfortable, so appropriate to beautify the 404 page, this page can be some warm tips, can also place some key sites to push the columns or articles.


In the article

2, a series of articles links: if you wrote a long article, consider, divided into a series of ", this does not affect the appearance, but also to increase the internal link;

1, the latest article link: let the reader with the search engine the first time to understand the content of the website;



site navigation structure

before the words I wrote or referred to a problem, a keyword link to it, not only for the convenience of readers, can also get more information search engines crawl. The internal link structure than the dry, the effect is much better.

3, popular article link: sidebar display popular articles, can increase the internal links and improve access;

site footer

to build a complete site map (sitemap) will be the ultimate all content pages are included, equivalent to the total index page, the site map is placed in the home, not only can help readers to search for content, but also conducive to the search engine to find and grab the sitemap page; a large site in accordance with the main column list category.


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