Love is a harbinger of the abnormal change of Shanghai snapshot update algorithm

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stable rank. This is also why not take the keyword index is a snapshot of the next day, and keywords love Shanghai index retreated in reason, is the love of Shanghai by the new algorithm, that before the grab page website has withstood the test of Shanghai, love the most trusted website released to the Internet, to a more harmonious the environment.


dragon routinely use Webmaster Tools query the data changes of the website of Shanghai dragon, unexpectedly found love Shanghai snapshot from yesterday’s 2013.5.18 into 2013.5.8 typical snapshot, the dragon was very surprised to do site is down right, quickly query keywords ranking is no big change. Follow up all the keywords ranking snapshot after the discovery, Shanghai love with keyword index ranking although there is no change but all snapshots in May 8th or May 18th, remember yesterday snapshot, snapshot, keywords and not love Shanghai index is 5.20, as shown in figure through the site+ domain found in May 8th is a snapshot, it really is love Shanghai snapshot day shift, why are there some keyword ranking is the next snapshot? And the site with the chain are collected in the normal increase, released yesterday in the station also timely included. Through further discovery, site of the chain and space are relatively normal, site and domain in the first, search site name or web site specific text in the first, and only from the site snapshot correction that website drop right also is a bit hasty. By clicking on the webmaster tools today included and last week when they will find love, give a sea website yesterday 5.20 snapshot, as shown in figure

therefore, dragon Lenovo to love Shanghai in a series of algorithms that if the snapshot indicates the site right down, but no other right down the performance of the site. Plus some keywords ranking is the next snapshot, the snapshot algorithm is likely to adjust the results. That is the website keywords ranking audit strictly, especially with keywords love Shanghai index, love Shanghai more inclined to long-term observation, found in really no problem will give a

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dragon through further observation, and the website in the same industry competitors website, website snapshot snapshot and observers appeared to shift phenomenon in different degree, while others have no big change. This also confirmed my guess, love Shanghai on site audit efforts, give some snapshots of the audit period, snapshot correction appears is the love of the Shanghai natural adjustment results, as long as the webmaster website found no other right down the phenomenon, there is no need to be surprised. The construction of tourism website: 贵族宝贝pengchengtrip贵族宝贝 A5 first, please indicate the source of



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