How to do the movie site Shanghai Dragon

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software refers to optimize your site. Now the movie station basically everybody is the acquisition to acquisition to everyone, "is one of the few template which website only, the similarity is very high, therefore, the search engine is very offensive piercing eye movie station, this is some of the movie station is difficult to be included, or included few reasons. Well, the words to the theme, so how the movie station of Shanghai dragon? By the above analysis, we know that the movie station to many of the same type from the talent shows itself in the website to get the favour of search engine, must be out of the ordinary, and other general movie station is not the same.

In addition to

1, on the Shanghai dragon you can not talk about the selection of key words, some novice, always ignorant to choose online movies, free movies and other popular words, selection of these words is difficult to do, because of the fierce competition. We should pick some key words not too hot and not too cold to do, for example, the latest movie to watch the word is very popular, so we choose to revisit the classic old movies, no new so popular. Keywords general 3 is enough, not too much, otherwise there is suspicion of keyword stuffing. It is worth noting, but chose a keyword, do not easily change, otherwise it is not conducive to your optimization.

is now on the Internet what stand up, I dare not say the movie station is the most, but at least one of which is the system, various overwhelming now build the movie, Marx CMS, and QVODCMS and so on, just use a system, build a movie station are not difficult, but to be a good movie station is. Not easily. This includes two aspects, I call it the " " and " hardware; software; " two. Refers to the hardware of your space, your space to put down the data of tens of thousands of movies? Fast enough? Stability and how? If open home to wait a few seconds, the next time who will visit your site, went to see the thunder.

, 2 chosen keywords, we can do around the " keyword; the " >;


is the first template, you can try to change the template more completely better, thus, can greatly reduce the similarity with other movie station. The title and keywords are changed and of course the most important is the movie collection, is the collection leads us to the movie station with the same great, that I do not collect? No, we can change back after the acquisition, use false original tools false original, so that can make the search engine think that you are out of the ordinary, (what piercing eye also makes mistakes Oh, no pseudo original tools), I do not have to teach it, love Shanghai.

, that is, to keep the site every day to update, do not update the thousands of excited, then several days did not update, this is not conducive to your site of the Shanghai dragon. Talk about the details of some of the Shanghai dragon

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