The content of the website is not around keywords chicken ribs

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from the web information provider’s perspective, keywords (keywords) is a web page (the information) and concentrated index content, it is easy to be simple language users understand memory content on the web site summary, is to guide the search and search engine users self content display and promotion.

with strong expansion of search engine, the key role of the more prominent. Even the life of human society to accelerate the pace of information needs showing the development trend of diversity and fragmentation of the keywords, has been extended to the traditional mass media and all aspects of life.

this is the unique original content search engine hope webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER who used white hat techniques — Shanghai dragon continued to publish the article information, keywords natural keyword index which show, natural and good user experience key word ranking.


created a website all walks of life do not focus on website content website system that reflects the core values "of the building, as the one copy of the homogenization of competition situation — whether or not the well-known brand website, website; whether it is the search engine advertising website, or Shanghai Longfeng sites are no exception. With a no account of the words "

helps users search and search engine, the first time that the website information content and services, this is the key role. It can search accuracy and search efficiency of users is greatly improved, thereby improving the user experience of the website, and greatly improve the efficiency of search engine. Therefore, a good keyword can lead to users, website and search engine three win-win results.

because the only known to the public, and constantly search the industry popular keywords can cause huge search engine traffic can bring considerable commercial value. This means that the fierce competition. Therefore, bypass the most difficult, most can reflect the core value "of the unique content of system construction, went straight to the theme, aimed at industry keywords of their most valuable business issue, not only copy the contents, or even follow rival optimization keywords, with competitors outside the chain follow the tactics became more shortcut the well-known small website network marketing.

web page from the web content as keywords, keyword optimization is inseparable with the content. Remember ZAC about their blog keywords optimization is naturally said: No, I just put all the Shanghai dragon professional content according to their own understanding and writing again, words included (probably meaning).


with the search engine keywords strong rise, has become almost synonymous with the network marketing

but it is only the search engine in the vast majority of only one party is willing, the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER’s eyes, this is completely "direction is always right, the road is always wrong" tell some fantastic tales.

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