Google added two functions for the noble baby + can help writers are more likely to be found

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In addition to

function is only for WordPress and TypePad users, but Google said the company is also working on the other, such as About贵族宝贝, WikiHow, SkillPages and Examiner贵族宝贝 test platform.

, another update + nobility baby made today, is to allow publishers will be open to the public the noble baby + content embedded into the blog or other site. The user can embed the contents about the original author, can also make comments or praise for content. Google said this function will eventually merge and dialogue system, namely the content of review will appear in the embedded into the noble baby in the page + module.

The The new

blog system WordPress and TypePad engine, if the use of noble baby + account login, can achieve the association with all post + nobility baby published user account. At the same time, the author’s name and other information will appear in Google news and search results. This change will help the readers to more easily find works, but also help to improve the work of sales.

NetEase Francisco September 10th message, according to foreign media reports, Google on Monday for the noble baby plus increase two new features, designed to help writers and publishers are getting more attention in Google news and search service.

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