Don’t ignore the optimization effect and value chain website

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In fact,

chain in time trouble is really, the chain in a short period of time can not see the obvious effect is true, but a chain of good website, his website ranking must not do better than the site quality of the chain, whether you believe it or not, because you think for the user experience, so your website ranking has competitive advantage.


for the degree of attention within the chain, large compared to do better, because they found the real value in the chain than we have, as long as we are good at observation, all those competitive ranking good site, in the chain do very in place, of course, they like us do a small station in a chain to find out, then, when they have to do web development on this function.

is now the webmaster tools are checked and the number of antecedents of the function of the chain chain, but Chaney seemingly not, so webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er on the quality of website is a great program is to determine the number of the chain, this is probably a reason to pay more attention to the outside of the chain. In the early days when just contact the operation of the site, I also like many webmaster, just do not pay attention to the chain, inside the chain, is a chain in trouble, not that time, two is the feeling within the chain with a tool that can’t be found, it had little effect, so that is not within the chain, also do not do well in the chain, occasionally see also to the website classification keywords anchor text link, that is what I call in the chain.


chain is within a net search engine spiders crawling, your web spider, then.

worked on several websites and I observed by these two years, slowly feel the true role within the chain, we can make a simple analogy, may not be appropriate. A capillary chain like people, each one on a main capillary vessel, mutual circulation, no matter which one is the capillary once blocked, may make people appear some small problems, a serious illness in the course of time is unpredictable. The purpose of this is to do within the chain, we want him to each other smoothly, articles and articles, articles and articles between classification and homepage collude with each other, one is to meet the needs of the search engine spiders, provide convenience to the spider; two is to meet the needs of the user experience, allowing visitors to read a text or a word the directly related readability links. We do not often say: the real Shanghai dragon, is to make the user experience and service. On the other hand, as long as the user experience to do good, Shanghai also do a dragon.

we do website optimization, most people know how to increase the chain to the site, the chain effect of sleep, can directly improve the website ranking, perhaps remember the original king, the chain for the emperor "this old saying, so in the premise of the original content, but also in the chain to the outside. The chain is important, but also do not ignore the value chain in. Today Qingdao Shanghai dragon will tell us about the chain in website optimization can not be ignored.

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