What are the phenomenon of website optimization indicates that the website will be right down

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so many Shanghai dragon are keen to do network optimization, then ask why we do website optimization? In fact, the answer is simple we do website optimization is to let our website can have a very high rank and weight, to attract more traffic. Therefore, we are trying to improve the weight of their own website. But the website optimization is not so Everything is going smoothly.. The site is down right frequently happened. After the site is down right we have to face to restore the weights of the website work. So in order to avoid our site is down right or to cut down the right risk sites, then we will talk about the following in the website optimization process which means website will be right down.

The chain

1. site suddenly lots of lost. The chain site is a site of huge support, an excellent website is having a large number of the chain. We are aware of the importance of each site optimization site outside the chain. So every day, positive efforts to increase the chain site. But the web site of the chain growth is a process of accumulation, in the website optimization process, the site of the chain growth is a gradual process. Maybe there are a lot of new website optimization, just entered this industry, in order to have more chain, and use some unreasonable means to get. Such as sending tools, or buy some links. Although this can be a short period of time, and has obvious effect on their website, but long time to go, will inevitably lead to the discovery of search engines, which have a large number of the chain disappeared, the weight of the website also will slowly decline. Therefore, if we know their site outside the chain in a short time a large number of disappear, then we have to think of the website optimization method on your own.

2. web page keywords appear superimposed repeat. In our website optimization, website.

website optimization and do other things, there is a process, any adverse or errors, will be in before the incident, some of the signs. So we in the process of website optimization, as long as the understanding to the tragic fate of these signs, so the site is down right there would be. Any failure will not appear overnight, their presence is needed in the process of accumulation of a mistake. The same website optimization is right down is not because of an error caused by, but the continued accumulation of errors often caused the drop right. So, we optimize these sites, usually in the optimization process of the web site, must pay attention to any website will appear negative phenomena and negative phenomena have emerged. Then properly correct, nature is right down the phenomenon does not occur in their own body. Then the adverse phenomenon indicates that the site right down, the introduction of adverse phenomenon in the website optimization process will often cause the website right down to everyone. I hope you can learn from the website optimization or learn some useful things, optimize the development of their own website to better help.

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