To explore how to optimize the website page of Shanghai dragon essence

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If you have articles >


second: anchor text pointing optimization.

the content of the website optimization

. Now is the text of the trend of the times, and love Shanghai also agree with this trend, love Shanghai earlier this year began to study the image recognition function, this is undeniable, since love Shanghai has the perfect support for image recognition search. Then we should be also need corresponding illustrations, and pictures must add ALT tags. I wrote an article in front of the new station "how to do" the optimization of the article: 贵族宝贝zhongyanfeng贵族宝贝/681.html, also talked about the optimization of the knowledge, we can also refer to.

keyword needs to be optimized in this article is: how to optimize the website page. At first I fill in the headline, "the website page how to optimize Shanghai Longfeng experience" as shown in figure

2, the layout of the keywords. You can deliberately, but not too much, you can control in 3-5. The first words try to write in the first 20 words, and the bold, because love the description of Shanghai is generally the front intercept. This is my personal God, can pass.

The first point:


then I changed to discuss website page: how to optimize the Shanghai dragon essence.

today to talk about how to optimize the website page experience, first of all we want to know that your website is a what kind of website. If you want to through the website of Shanghai dragon optimization to get the flow, then you must make every page with the ranking "qualification". I think the main entrance flow in general is not the website home page, but the content of the website. Of course, if you are not what the website traffic, then still consider optimization work home. What website page optimization? I will not say too much now, okay.

4, with

1, the title of the article must be complete or contains the form of keywords, keyword suggestion is complete. You may need to optimize the keyword search results in Shanghai love has a lot, and you have written the same title, is likely to fall in love with the sea will not bird you". You can expand, find a similar word and then you want to optimize the main contains words, so that you can avoid repeated search results and love Shanghai the title of the phenomenon, but also conducive to the collection.

3, multi paragraph. If your article is more than 600 words to multi segment, every article can not end, everyone knows, people read the article when hate is squeezed in a heap, simply can not reach the minimum standards of user experience, naturally love Shanghai search engine spiders will not love.

For example:

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