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for such a strange phenomenon, I also specifically asked a friend, he also said very puzzled, I do not know why the net > imperceptibly

out of curiosity, I have found several other do love Shanghai to promote the site, check the chain of them, the results have not happen, including my company to do the promotion of the website, there is no such outside chain. But a little details I found, that is to know in Shanghai love page links in the top left words, if the idea described, "URL" is not the case, because the local description of the show only one line, while the right side of the link content "show URL" good show. That is to say even if your web site to do the promotion, but if the price is too high because they are displayed on the left side, but it has no chance to be counted as the chain (not done bidding may not know, or do it).

why? Because I love Shanghai through the chain of query results found that the original chain that comes from love of Shanghai know on the right side of the page and the bottom of the link (see below), that is to say as long as the audit by the love of Shanghai know, if in the "know" page appeared right or at the bottom of the extension link, and at the same time by the spider to grab it, then the page became the source of the chain website, and this situation continued until now (see picture snapshot). Just think, if this situation continues, the site of the chain is not to be done, will automatically increase, and the rate of increase is amazing.

first to the title of this article to explain that I am not in love to help Shanghai to promote advertising, of course I love Shanghai do not need to advertise. The reason to link the Shanghai promotion link with the site outside the chain, I found a friend’s website there is a very strange phenomenon in the chain, if this phenomenon can be applied, it will make many webmaster in droves, OK, look at what it is specific.

is such a strange phenomenon: in a domain name age of only 2 years, with 210 thousand of the chain site (see Figure), there are more than 70% of the chain from the love of Shanghai know that from the surface it may not be particularly strange, because as long as you have enough manpower, outstanding skills. Enough time, this can be done, the chain weight and love Shanghai know undoubtedly very high. But I found that these love Shanghai know the chain, is not the website promotion staff, and may be your love Shanghai added to this website.

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