Not for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is a failure in marketing and user experience

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, another is the user experience, in fact, this point is not to keep up with the enterprise website for the purpose of marketing to do Shanghai dragon is the failure of the same meaning, two major trends of the future design of the site is certainly in the marketing website construction and personalized user experience as the core, but the construction site of these details although useful, but leading is not a website, actually leading a website user experience is the content of your website, you do not think the content is the user, the user came to your site can not solve their problems, so we need to make great efforts in this regard, pay more attention to the user’s attention, analysis the shape of the user. If you with a strong Shanghai dragon hard technology ranking up, users come to your site to find they want to find content, can not solve their doubts, they will abandon your website, a website that is abandoned by the user search engine will.

if a corporate website is not for the purpose of marketing to do Shanghai dragon is a failure, I remember like love to do the bidding of Shanghai there is such a word, remember not very clear, is probably such a meaning: believe in your product, to make your products in the front row. This is the love of Shanghai to talk to others to do the bidding slogan, but if we are not for the purpose of marketing to do Shanghai Longfeng, then this means, in turn, do not believe or say more clearly on all aspects of your product (advantages) of words, even if you are in the front row and can not attract customers can not let the flow into the conversion rate, we often say that is not a dog in the manger, there is not no good ranking can not be traded, so do not have the marketing ability of the website of course is a failure, to speak with you today about a website in the design and operation of the process we need to be aware of marketing it, then I will introduce how to build a high conversion rate of the marketing website construction thinking (I hope you continue to focus on).

a website without the marketing and user experience for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is a failure, many people are now Shanghai dragon or some misunderstandings, especially some new friends to join the industry and some outsiders think, Shanghai dragon is to do keywords ranking, in fact is not the case, Shanghai Longfeng translated into the Chinese what is the search engine optimization, optimization is not ranking, we are all aspects of the site is not conducive to the local search engine optimization, after optimization, the result is a good keyword ranking, in fact, Shanghai dragon’s intention is to compensate the shortcomings of search engine, but was later used for some people but to deceive search engines, like we often talked about MLM, but then spread to our country has lost its original meaning, its original meaning is The word of mouth in the form of sales, to our country after being used by others. Like our Shanghai dragon black hat, originally Shanghai dragon significance is to compensate the shortcomings of search engine, now they go in the opposite direction, to the insufficient use of search engine. First clear the essence of Shanghai dragon marketing and user experience with you.

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