How to complete the systematic thinking of the company strategy

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strategy is the enterprise according to its external environment and internal resources and ability, for enterprise survival and long-term stable development, to gain new competitive advantage, the general ways and means of enterprise development goals, achieve the goal of the plan. When you think about a company’s strategic planning, which aspects will be analyzed? This article will analyze how to complete the company’s strategic thinking of the system.


text / Jun Consulting Group Chairman Wang Mingfu

1, work plan: I should be thinking about a "Gangjumuzhang, commanding the overall situation and feasible work plan" from what? The next five years, three years or one year work plan should be how to develop? What to do, how to do, why do? Can achieve what kind of strategic goals and performance objectives, how reach


2, jiyechangqing: how to build a hundred years old, jiyechangqing?

3, the business structure: I should go into business areas, which exit what business field? How to enter, how to exit? In my case, the optimal structure of the business is what? Why? The adjustment and optimization of business structure should consider what factors? Since the world history of business and China reform and opening up, what are the reference even imitate the successful mode of the business structure of the enterprise, which need to beware of the failure of the


business model: my business model is reasonable and effective, whether there is room for improvement, how much space, how to improve? Whether you need to completely change, transformation or upgrade, how to reform, transformation and upgrading? What are the key success factors of the business model, how to capture and create these critical success factors of

?The analysis of

5, the competition: what are my own industry benchmark enterprise? Why are they successful? What should I learn them? What is the business model of competition and the key points of my success? How do I face the competition will evolve? Who are the rivals, where their competitive strategy and competitive advantage what? I and competitors, what advantage is, where is the gap? Competition strategy, mode and strategy should I choose? How do I start

value chain competition?

6, opportunity analysis: what are the opportunities, opportunities and opportunities in the capital markets, and how do I seize these opportunities? What are the lessons to be learned and imitated?

The analysis of

7, capacity, resources and threats: what are my core competencies and resources? What are my weaknesses and threats? What this means is that the ability and resources, vulnerable and threatened? Can they influence me where to go, go, go far?

8, the implementation of the strategy (strategy): capital structure, organization system and management system with my business strategy and business model adaptation? What needs improvement, optimization, change or upgrade? The main point of my strategy? How to establish the strategic implementation, evaluation and feedback system? "

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