Look at the success of the 20 year old American guy already owned factories in China

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Abstract when Islla Furman was 11 years old, he made his first product, just like a terrible trick.

BI Chinese station on October 13th reported

many people dream of inventing a product and becoming a millionaire. From Broolyn (a region of Southwest New York City, United States) a 20 year old man had done this, he was the young inventor Alec Islla Furman Xie · (Alex Shlaferman), Vante founder of Toys. In fact, Islla Furman is not a success, but a number of success. Islla Furman’s first success dates back to the age of 15.

in 2014, and Islla Furman will be another milepost significance of the year, he expected he will achieve a major goal in 16 years to create a consumer company, is to make the company’s annual revenue reached $10 million. In fact, Islla Furman’s company is very profitable, that he already has its own factory in China, the China factory employs nearly 50 employees, but he is still busy with a life according to his own while filming a reality show in the negotiations.

from $100 thousand to $10 million:

"I was only 16 years old, when I ran my company and used my parents’ credit cards,"

Islla Furman said. My first year in business, my company’s revenue reached $more than 110 thousand, but also to pay a tax. Before I know these things, our revenue has reached $1 million, and then reached $3 million. Our revenues are growing at an annual rate of 300% to 400%. Last year, the company’s revenue of about $5 million, however, if the 2014 holiday sales target can be achieved, then our revenue is expected to reach $10 million this year."

currently, Islla Furman headquarters in the number of employees for 7 people, and another 48 employees in the Chinese factory in. Islla Furman said: "in China, a total of 40 full-time employees, as well as a management team composed of a total of 8 managers. All the employees are paid by me, all the equipment is our own. This saves us half the cost. If I buy some goods from a contract manufacturer in China for $1, that means the cost of the goods is only 50 cents." However, it also needs to consider quality issues.

Islla Furman also said: "when dealing with affairs in China, will also face quality control issues. You may never know what you can get by the presence of a contract manufacturer."

at present, the success of Islla Furman’s main product is called "Ninja (Wallet Ninja) wallet multifunctional knife clamp, looks like a flat credit card shape > Swiss Army knife

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