The development of Airbnb billion valuation bumps in the journey

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NetEase Francisco March 21st message, "the Wall Street journal" comment author of travel website Airbnb rental in the new round of financing $10 billion valuation of news, reviews the development of the company.

below is the full text of the article:

Airbnb the current market valuation of more than $10 billion, the scale of development is sit up and take notice. In 2007 the company was founded in San Francisco, the development process is not smooth.

Airbnb founder in 2008 to seize the opportunity during the Democratic Congress to sell Obama O S (Obama O’s) and the promotion of breakfast cereals website business at the SXSW conference, has caused a lot of concern, but the two did not significantly boost the public relations website business.

but the risk investor Airbnb that the enormous potential of the company, even in the early days, also has good development momentum. They believe that the company’s market opportunities are unlimited, and Airbnb entrepreneurial team impressive.

luck component also played a big role. If you do not encounter that Founder Barry Manilow early users (Barry Manilow), the company may never get to the right track. Manilov hopes to rent the entire apartment through the site, which makes the founders realized that the site does not need to be limited to a fixed mode of accommodation and breakfast, and thus broaden the Airbnb business ideas.

following the review of the development process of


Airbnb CEO Brian Cheski (Brian Chesky) and co-founder Jo Gbia (Joe Gebbia), Nathan Bly Cass Ark (Nathan Blecharczyk) will be held in the general assembly to give designers empty bedroom rental in San Francisco on October 2007. The short lease transaction became the embryonic form of Airbnb. In honor of the three founders of the company named Airbnb, that is, "AirBed and Breakfast (bed and breakfast)," because at that time rented out of the empty room in addition to the air bed without any other furniture.

2008, Airbnb online. Since then, Airbnb founder of the SXSW conference held in Texas, the United States to promote the Airbnb, the site is known as the star of the general assembly. During the Democratic convention in Denver in 2008, in order to enhance the visibility and raise funds, they produce Obama O S to find a small manufacturer (Obama O’s) breakfast cereal, distributed during the meeting, and as a collection of online sales. Ai>

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