From the front to the vice president of Ali the boss mentality!

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former Taiwan stem to billionaire Tong Wenhong, known as Ali " most inspirational " partner. In 2000, Tong Wenhong entered the Ali first positions the company front, after successively served as group executive, customer service, human resources management sector, the Ali group senior vice president and chief operating officer of rookie. Ali after the listing of one of the 9 billionaires behind Ma partner. Once again proves that persistence and effort are more important than anything else.

as an employee, you used to quit, you enter a company of interest, you always think what time, what time to leave, as a green hand, you know what the boss is like you? Many times, if you want the boss to get your appreciation to the best boss thinking work……

if an employee’s ideas are not right, then the staff education is high, the ability is strong, it is impossible to become a good employee. Because a person’s mind will determine a person’s behavior, a person’s ideas will determine a person’s practice. Therefore, the most important thing is not to see the recruitment of employees, age, experience, height, looks, but to see if the staff have a good idea.

so, what kind of thinking is a good idea to see whether an employee is good thinking, the most important thing is to see if he can stand in the perspective of the enterprise, the boss point of view. If an employee everywhere for the sake of the enterprise, for the sake of the boss, so even if the employee only junior high school education, also can be a good employee.

especially in this impetuous society, everyone in the pursuit of quick return on their own, how many people still think of each other! If everyone emphasizes personal interests, while ignoring the team or the interests of the enterprise, so the enterprise can develop


why many college students do not welcome the enterprise, the enterprise is not really not afraid of those people, but the enterprise into the enterprise, for the enterprise has not made any contribution, with enterprise boss interests, talk about the return of people. Although college students read a lot of books, knowledge, culture, but this can not be sufficient to prove that college students have the ability to create performance for the enterprise ah. Why did the boss give you such a high salary before seeing your grades?

one to grow, to succeed, do not care about, the success of life lies in life, not in a moment. Why some people work for a lifetime or working, and some people work for a few years when the boss. In fact, the impact of a person can be the boss, the key point is not the level of education, not in the length of working hours, but whether the employees have the boss’s thinking. An employee is a month of harvest, a manager to see the harvest of a year, a boss to see the harvest of life.

how far you can see how much you can achieve. The more you care about the pros and cons of the people will not grow up, success. The success of life must follow the law. If you want to succeed

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