Personal webmaster earn money is not a dream

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site need to survive, we need to profit, these small personal website also needs to live a well-off life. A reprint articles found in the computer on the newspaper today, read more rewarding, and would like to share for everyone to share.


profit model

an online advertising

advertising alliance advertising code on your site, click on the ads to make money.

to make money through advertising, will need to flow, for example: good advertising alliance advertising inside: Huang Xiaoya Adult supplies mall CPC click on the ads, 50 yuan /1000IP! IP and visible money have a direct relationship.

online advertising to make money is characterized by: do not have any direct contact with any advertiser, as long as put a piece of code in their own website, if there is a large flow, you can make money.

visible traffic is the key. How to improve the flow?.

went on to say second ways to make money.

two shop combination

personal website into an online supermarket, and the website contact about ten enterprises or wholesalers, their goods in their online supermarket, then website traffic up, so there will be a lot of people see your goods, there will be people who want to buy, then you or to the enterprise wholesalers purchase, buy them. You can get them through Alipay transactions, the transaction in order to eliminate the trouble.

visible, traffic or popularity is the main problem.

since no matter what way, the site traffic, effective flow is the most critical, so, how to improve the site traffic?

second chapter to improve site traffic

we have to carry out a careful analysis, a site in order to have traffic, we must meet the following factors:

1 web site is not provided with the product is to provide a service, or both are provided;

2 provides products and services that are needed by users;

3 Internet users in the base of the theory of unlimited expansion;

4 provides the service and the product has the core competitive ability, does not have the imitation.

5 Web site in the search engine on the left there is a better ranking.

is summed up as follows: the site provides a large number of Internet users concerned about the unique and better publicity services and products.

as the saying goes, everyone has his own advantages. Since it is a personal website, then its capacity and energy is limited, to do something in the making process of the website, not to do something, that is to "concentrate superior forces, focusing on one point to build." people doing things, always know what to do. "

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