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I believe we are not familiar with the Taobao capital, from 2 years ago to 7.8 of the rash and too much in haste, he found hundreds of large area blocked, along the way stumbled, now Taobao customers still have many webmaster pursuit, today I write this article to my Taobao guest 2 months of experience.

why do Taobao guest?

a few days ago to listen to a friend said he built a Taobao shopping guide Station, casually to some online shopping QQ mass advertising, after a few days on a single deal, which makes me very surprised. Many grassroots webmaster work hard every day, the result is just a month thousands of advertising, even earn money not to the server, while Taobao has so much power off, why not try


how to do Taobao guest?

I believe that everyone has heard of a lot of Baidu blocked Taobao station, many with Baidu money station have been blocked, traffic one day from IP to now dozens of tens of thousands of IP, now Taobao customer program are called API, similar website content is too much, cause Baidu blocked station.


off the most profitable single product promotion, especially diet pills and breast products, high commission of natural products is highly competitive, if you do not have a superb SEO technology advise you not to promote popular goods, because you fight but others. A few days ago I view transaction data in Taobao alliance background, there is a single to my surprise, the sale of a bra, a commission of up to 43 yuan, this is a very good promotion source, from Baidu search, no single page bra off Taobao, this is not a competition the project, if you do a good job, the daily income of 200

is no problem!

I do single page promotion or promotion ZhengZhan


if you have a superb SEO technology that Taobao off single page for you! Choose high commission commodities, promotion to a keyword, such as doing weight-loss drugs, weight loss drug list this keyword is very popular, separate the keyword optimization to Baidu home, income is unlimited.

if you are a grassroots webmaster, then I suggest you select the whole promotion, promotion on the station included Baidu, it will need to choose a good Taobao customer program, here I do not recommend Taobao to build the rebate, because people to prevent heart on the growing fishing website, plus CCTV to teach these days, people do not I believe the interests of the relevant website easily, even if your site is very normal.

how to promote?

there is a saying: content is the king of the chain for the emperor, the initial site of the chain is very important, choose a good promotion will be twice the result with half the effort. Baidu library is a good choice, because Baidu spiders will retrieve the content. Some large community signature, the signature of the forum, as well as ADMIN5 soft Wen, are very effective.

even if the site is also essential to update the content, and so on after the upgrade included

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