Talk about how to improve the GG ad click rate

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CTR ad click rate is the value of AdSense advertising display and advertising click on the ratio. Of course, the ideal value is 100%, that is, advertising display a user clicks on a. Of course, this is almost impossible. Users generally do not want to click on the ads, and do not want to see ads. Advertising is the enemy of the audience – the idea has been deeply rooted in people’s minds.

how to improve the possibility of advertising being clicked


first to explain the policy of Google AdSense. Google does not allow webmasters to force or entice users to click on ads. Such as the registration or download the file must click on the AdSense ad, or let the user click on the AdSense ad to get better service, such as behavior is not recognized Google. If you do this, Google is likely to delete your AdSense account.

how to improve the ad click rate? There are two main points:

A. let users see your AdSense ad

webmaster should also other people’s sites, if the sites are advertising, do you notice? If we are often on the site, we are familiar with the location of the advertisement, usually skip ads, direct look at the content, if not familiar with the website, if we can see what is advertising, we will. Jump over. Therefore, a very important reason for the low click rate is that users do not look at advertising. How to prevent users skip ads, which is to improve the click rate to solve the first problem. Can be analyzed from the following aspects:

AdSense ad size

generally speaking, the greater the advertising, the more likely to be seen. So the big rectangle (336 x 280), skyscrapers (160×600) or wide because of the advertising area, put in the actual in general can bring more hits. Because a page can put three AdSense content ads, you can also use multiple ads together, such as two large rectangular side by side together to form a larger area of advertising, sometimes also can bring good results.

AdSense ad style

webmaster can configure their own AdSense advertising style, in addition to the size of the sub ads, mainly advertising color. There are two kinds of color scheme that can get a good effect.

one is to let the AdSense AD and your website content together, so that users do not look at the content, just look at the style of the situation can not tell where advertising. As for advertising without borders, directly inserted into the upper left corner of the advertising background set the page background, the ad text color to the content of the font color, the color which links advertising content page link color. Following figure. So the user opens the page >

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