Microsoft intends to push a one-stop service to network advertisers

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      Beijing on June 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s chief strategy officer Youssef · advertising; Mehdi (Yusuf Mehdi) recently said that the company will launch the network advertisers one-stop shop service. Industry sources said the move is intended to shorten the gap between Microsoft and Google in the online advertising market.

Microsoft said last month, will be about $6 billion price of the acquisition of online advertising company aQuantive, the purpose is to catch up with Google in the online advertising market. This week, YAHOO announced that it has appointed the company’s co-founder, long-term board member Yang Zhiyuan for the new CEO, replacing the former CEO · (Terry Semel). Analysts said Semel’s resignation, the show that investors are being taken away by Google YAHOO market share dissatisfied.

Mehdi, a one-stop shop has become the industry trend, because advertisers want to simplify the procurement procedures, and analysis of the data of all other platforms, while Microsoft is a one-stop shop service can meet this demand. Although Google’s core business is still searching, but the company had acquired a video sharing site YouTube and online advertising DoubleClick, indicating that Google wants to diversify the business.

to consolidate or enhance the existing position in the Internet search business, Google and Microsoft and other giants have recently been busy buying small online advertising companies. Some people believe that this will help the development of the online advertising industry to grow, but opponents said that after the acquisition of small online advertising companies, may lead to market monopoly. Some consumers are more concerned about the organization, the network search is monopolized by a few companies, these companies will collect a large number of Internet users habits and other data.

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