Making use of blog to make money online project

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use blog to make money online venture project steps:

1, first of all, you must have a can customize the mainstream HTML blog.

2 update daily articles, note: each blog updated daily number of articles: 10 articles: to Sogou index view instant index, find some high traffic keywords to Baidu search will have a lot of, before the election, 7—-15 articles uploaded to your blog (Note: the title change, but keyword in the title can not move!)

3, each article in a few more, improve the reverse link and the weight of

4, waiting to flow it. Three months later, each of your blog traffic should be in 10000PV (I am now 2.5Wpv) above, then you put GG ad, then your income is considerable. My blog ad click rate is generally between 1%—1.5, a few points. 1%, the price hovering at 2—4 cents, less calculation, unit price of 2 cents to 10000*0.01*0.02*6.8*10=136 yuan / day, even if not so ideal, minus 36, the day was 100 yuan, a month is 3000 yuan


makes use of blog to make money online venture project explanation:

is not operational, the reason is only one word "lazy", just want to reap the benefits of people, the sky will fall pie? It is said to be the former things is not before I don’t know, but every word I hard to knock out, every word through his mind, as to agree without prior without previous consultation with previous senior which idea, it can only say that you have wasted some can let you live off the golden age! Turn to care about what others think is not the first one, you don’t feel silly? To find the weakness of others to you important to get rich quick or important……

use blog to make money online venture project related skills:

1, after repeated practice the following portal blog high weight: and ( ( horizon ( Baidu space ( of Baidu high weight

2, the choice of keywords: Baidu Chinese Search Ranking: (the most popular Internet search words) Baidu index: (a heat related search keyword search): (used to explore the related popular search words) Sogou index>

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