Russian booking site OneTwoTrip was $9 million financing

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, according to U.S. media reports, Moscow ticket booking enterprise OneTwoTrip today announced the successful $9 million investment, OneTwoTrip for the Russian traveler to provide online booking ticket business, to its website for a price comparison and selection of the airline you love, it has to a great extent on the occupation of the Russian market.

May 2011 OneTwoTrip was released for the first time in the form of beta, until last year in September it evolved into a full version, when the average ticket sales reached 3500 per day. It is estimated that OneTwoTrip sales in 2011 reached $400 million.

OneTwoTrip to some extent has been successful, because he released a unique product. Compared with competitors, OneTwoTrip’s web page brings a stronger impact on the consumer’s eye, so that consumers impressed. Another important factor in the success of the time is the time when the Russian online travel market is developing rapidly. Phenomen Ventures partner Dmitry Falkovich said in a news release, the Russian tourism industry network continues to grow at an annual rate of 70%, also pointed out that the fastest growing enterprises are Bulgaria, Greece and Abu Dhabi, which last year’s growth rate even more than 128%. Growing market opportunities for OneTwoTrip.

OneTwoTrip announced that the investment will be used for website construction, put more advertising market development, including the future plans to increase the service, such as booking rooms, car rental, booking tickets for the concert.

OneTwoTrip has a sophisticated search engine, its ratings for airlines, factors of accident rate, delay rate, grounding rate, size, cabin seat comfort analysis.

It is not easy for

OneTwoTrip to gain a foothold in the highly anticipated online travel market, which must now seize the opportunity to capture the market quickly when the market is not yet saturated. Not only their own feet stand firm, but also to trip the opponent!

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