Entrepreneurial death cycle nternet concept companies want to seek a breakthrough

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venture cycle

Yang Yang

exit path narrowing, breaking the chain of entrepreneurial projects, more and more Internet companies want to seek a breakthrough.


meeting in Hongkong in February 6th, easy media CEO Yan Fang Jun already feel the Hongkong stock market for listed companies to China more and more attractive". This feeling turns in a week after a real and slightly regret the decision, show in front of the public, the media market in the United States to revoke the application at the same time, also proposed that contact with other suitable place of listing, and put emphasis on Hongkong.

the reason given by the company is due to the timing of the United States market and is expected to be quite a long time is not ideal".

February 2012, easy media submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) IPO (initial public offering) application documents. Prospectus shows that easy media 2009 net income of $10 million 790 thousand in 2010 was $27 million 270 thousand in 2011 was $50 million 670 thousand, nearly three years of compound growth rate of 117%.

easy media financing amount is not high – up to $100 million. But a person familiar with the matter, even if this "small" can not achieve the purpose, so now the U.S. stock market is too cold.

as Yan said, "TMT, an increasing number of companies considering the Hongkong market". However, another person to prepare their own listed company insiders revealed that now is not only the U.S. stock market is very cold, in fact, Hongkong is also cold. If listed in Hongkong, Alibaba will decide whether to play a benchmark role.

two years ago, the U.S. capital market is not calm, and influence of VIE events on the domestic company’s short mechanism of attacks and Chinese stocks of financial fraud and other unfavorable factors appear one after another, repeatedly hit, the exit path of risk investment is becoming more and more narrow, only in 2012, vip.com and YY companies successfully landed U.S. stocks.

in the exit channel so cold case, rely on venture capital "pile" up Chinese technology, Internet, new media business chain, is experiencing an out and out bloodbath, including a lot of investment funds, and waiting for them may be integrated more bloody. Even more frightening is that the vicious circle has emerged: the old club can not be listed, but also led to China’s entrepreneurial army can not get away, wrapped step forward.


as the first batch of Internet Co such as Sina, Sohu NASDAQ after making the rich stories, and are willing to tolerate the loss listed high valuation of technology companies, the U.S. stock market has become China entrepreneurs in the "dream", a lot of entrepreneurs and even to visit the NASDAQ as a lifelong dream.

but in the past two years, the market is not good. China in the last year of privatization

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