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based on the scoring mode IT talent recruitment website Hackermeter currently announced that it has been the world’s largest image of social networking site Pinterest acquisition, and will shut down the service after the completion of the transaction. Insiders believe that the acquisition is mainly the acquisition of talent.

Hackermeter is Y Combinator 2013 winter class graduates, founded only two months, is a micro team. The programmer to prove himself through a series of programming test (to some lightweight encryption technology from the Fibonacci sequence generator), every challenge will score the programming efficiency based on your potential employer; a key can be a key to replay your code, so you can clearly see the programmer’s encoding speed and cheating. Of course, employers can also launch programming topics to examine the capabilities they need.

The launch of the

Hackermeter has received a lot of criticism, such as the fractional evaluation criteria are too simple (only by the time of the challenge, the difficulty of the challenge and the effectiveness of the code to assess). Also the number of opponents questioned the necessity of the existence of Hackermeter, a similar model already exists in HackerRank, CodeEval and many other companies in the test, and resume GitHub and traditional is a great experience that tool.

Pinterest and Hackermeter founders have declined to disclose terms, but it is certain that the amount of this acquisition is not. The product has just released about two months, the team is still small, but from the past history, they did not melt too much money. According to AngelList data, Hackermeter had tried to raise $750 thousand investment, but the result is unknown. In addition, Pinterest has plans to close it, insiders infer that the acquisition is mainly the acquisition of talent.

the company’s co-founder Lucas · (Lucas Baker) and · Lee (Frost Li) will join the Pinterest as an engineer. Currently, Pinterest has entered the top 10 of the world’s most popular social networking sites and Alexa world rankings in the top 50.

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