Clever use of picture ads to improve the advertising hits

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Google AdWords last month released a multimedia advertising tool, this tool provides a rich multimedia advertising templates, advertisers spend only 1 minutes, you can create a multimedia advertisement beautifully. We have not found that as long as the advertisement set pictures or text ads, image ads, many, but this one use, advertising is very popular, at least my station is such an article just point out, the matching is image ads, so we have to end if make good use of image ads to increase our income


now, you just need some simple adjustments, you can seize the opportunity to win more multimedia advertising resources, improve website Revenue:

first step: adjust the size of the ad unit.

support for multimedia advertising formats are 728X90160X600300X250336X280250X250200X200,

120X600468X60. If you do not have these ads on your web site now, please re create and put the ads listed above.

second step: make sure you choose to support image format advertising.

if you need to adjust the size of the ad, you need to re generate the ad code, you can choose the " in the generated steps; text and picture ads (default) " options;

if you are advertising size is the size of the advertising pictures, you can direct the management of advertising in " " adjusted as shown below: if the ad unit " " column is " text and image ads, " said; you have chosen to support the picture advertising, does not need any adjustment. If the display is " only the text ads " or " only picture ad " you can click on the right side of the " modify the advertising settings " the advertising unit settings changed to " text and picture advertising ".



completed the steps above, you can put new ad code added to the page, through these adjustments, can ensure the multimedia advertisement to display on your site, so as not to miss any multimedia advertising resources.

we carefully study a ha, will find some secrets. Finally, I hope you get rich.

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