nternet entrepreneurship Trilogy fly is very important

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is different from any previous era, the Internet era entrepreneurs more entrepreneurial test of emotional intelligence. In the Internet business in the era of entrepreneurship trilogy always staged, there is a piece of people said: "as the Internet (Entrepreneurship) the first year on the threshold of second years to run, rapid product iteration, retain users, and then at the same time to obtain financing for expansion and competition." And these need to entrepreneurs emotional intelligence to check and sprint, to win the attention and trust of partners and customers. Will the Internet business by the end of the trilogy all nature is the first step to success, but as part of a perseverance can only come to naught. However, one of the most critical factor is only one, that is". Fly is very important!


first of all, your products to fly.

Internet era today, the product features have become necessary, and the emotion has become a strong need. All the life cycle of the product has entered the "state constantly refresh fast forward, Fang Fang Sheng death, born to die, the competition of commercial advantage and brand advantage in the fast-growing mortal and technology, there is no time to accumulate from the product to the brand, has been the general meteor across the sky, no longer dazzling. Subversive survival has become the norm, a product can be overnight to overthrow a giant, also can instantly make a grass root. As Luo Zhenyu said: "the industrial age is carrying out the specific functions, and the Internet era of interest and emotion." As Jobs said: "we are at the intersection of technology and humanities."


function is the product of the natural attributes required attribute, but with the emotional properties of user experience has risen as a good product standard. Le people believe that the Internet, only the ultimate product experience, will attract more fans, fans will also be motivated to actively take the initiative to share and spread and the inherent needs of active consumption. Good product itself is the biggest marketing. The product experience is not so complicated, as long as the competitors can grab the user sooner than the point of pain and quick to solve the problem is enough.

secondly, your team to fly.

more, can not make a benefit to do a good job for nothing. The entrepreneurial team should not exist too many metaphysical things, because the process of entrepreneurship itself is a very careful, large enterprises will mature regulations completely mechanically is not feasible, will only bind the entrepreneurial team itself creativity and vitality. Specific analysis of specific issues, as appropriate, the results are very important, the process is also very important. In particular, the Internet is now the main business is mainly based on the 80 after 90, they tend to be more humane, efficient and convenient office, relaxed and active working environment to attract them.

for the entrepreneurial team, the election is very important. Entrepreneurship is not to win in quantity, streamlining and flexibility will become the main characteristics of the new era of entrepreneurial team. In addition, the entrepreneurial team needs to work to benefit the visibility, need more >

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