How to make money on the site analysis of the 17 models of profit

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remember when you first came into contact with the site, I do not know how the site is to make money, and I do not know the source of each pay per click. With the deepening of the understanding of the site, and finally know the fact that the site’s profit model is too much. Enshi SEO here introduces some popular website profit model, in order to initiate and welcome more ways to earn money sharing website.

1, advertising money

sell site advertising, is the most primitive, but also the most common profit model. Almost all of the portal is the beginning of the sale of advertising profit model, even now, like Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other sites advertising revenue is still a very large proportion. The main forms of advertising include image advertising, text ads, video ads, animation ads and pop-up ads, etc.. The source of advertising can be direct customer advertising, advertising can also be advertising alliance, as well as the Baidu alliance and Google Adsense advertising code. Some of these ads are pay (including CPS and CPA), some are in accordance with the show fee (CPM), some charge per click (CPC), there is a monthly advertising.

2, sales of products

it is now the mainstream model in the Internet era, e-commerce technology development and the people on the Internet understanding and popularization, more and more people tend to buy something online, but also created many millionaires by selling products online expert. Online sales of products, including the main way to build their own online mall site sales of products, the establishment of the third party platform store sales of products (such as the opening of Taobao stores, etc.) and the way to do a single page sales. This should be the mainstream of the current network to make money, but also a new model of enterprise sales of products.

3, do online games to make money

game is the familiar Chen Tianqiao, Shanda earned the first pot of gold of domestic network game, but also the achievements of the billionaire boss chen. Now the mainstream games including web games and online games, mainly by selling cards and selling game equipment to earn money game player.

4, commission money

said the Commission to make money is to help others sell products or services extracted into the money model. At present, the most popular is to make money and return to the Taobao station to earn money. This can also be said to be a change in the sales of the product profit model.

5, sales service to make money

network marketing services to make money mainly include providing advice to others online, website production and other aspects of the service to make money.

6, network intermediary to make money

intermediary services to make money is the main site as a third party guarantee platform to promote bilateral transactions and charge fees or other value-added services profit model. This model is the most typical third party payment platform (Alipay, etc.), a>

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