Xu Xiaoping in addition to funding, angels can give entrepreneurs what

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news May 20th, Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping at the second session of the General Assembly on the China angels theme in addition to funds, angels can give entrepreneurs what? "The theme of his speech, Xu Xiaoping believes that the angels and young Chinese has inevitable connection." entrepreneurs Chinese wisdom is wisdom, entrepreneurs are strong, strong China. Entrepreneur progress China progress."

so, in addition to funding, angels can give entrepreneurs what?

1 angel investment and entrepreneurship enlightenment


listed last week in the United States, its founder and CEO Chen Ou then went to Standford before study, Xu Xiaoping will want to invest, but Chen Ou’s father didn’t agree. Xu Xiaoping hope that with Chen ou to start, will give some enlightenment Chen Ou entrepreneurship, only today’s jumei.com.

2 angel investment and value guidance

advocate the value behind the entrepreneurial project, innovation. Some public projects may not be successful, but angel investors want to ignite a dream and ideas.

3 angel investment and corporate governance


this Lei June said a word, "only help not chaos."

4 angel investment and emergency relief

"emergency does not save the poor". Jumei.com huge crisis occurred last year, Xu Xiaoping Chen Europe together with every day. In addition, there is a game company, on many occasions, not enough money crisis, angel investors are going to say, "I believe you", although she might say, "it is best not to take money with me", now, the game company has got 25 million game agency fees.

5 angel investment and talent return

6 angel investment and personal freedom

what kind of spirit do you need to be an angel in China Xu Xiaoping thinks to do the following:

1 as charity as young entrepreneurs focus on the well-being of life.

2 is concerned about the growth of young entrepreneurs as political counselors.

3 as the same as the village nurse young entrepreneurs team building.

4 as prime minister to promote the rapid growth of employment.

5 as president of China to participate in the realization of a little bit of the dream.

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