How to maximize the profit space of professional forum

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Now most of the friends of

Forum on advertising alliance, or web games to make money, but I would like to recommend today is a doubt guest Chinese, to ask the Witkey website.

professional forum, the general is to look for the answer or provide answers to some questions, but no one answered, if cash members will be positive stimuli presumably, China doubt guest is such a website. After the application, the use of proprietary promotion code, through the code to guide the registration of ID, but the production of consumption, the promotion will be able to get 10% of the Commission, and is permanent. The basic and suspect website revenue sharing.

if your forum belonging to the nature of this area can try such promotion, so as to improve the enthusiasm of the members of the forum to answer questions enhance activity, on the other hand increased the income of the forum.

so my membership will drain? Chinese network doubt guest only provides a trading platform, the students do not have the discussion forum, because the man who answered each other is not the answer, but also unable to communicate, can only exchange between the reward and the answer of the question. So that your membership only in a publishing task, or when it is needed to undertake the tasks he usually discuss, or in your original forum, will not affect your forum consistency. Instead, it will only increase, because in your forum to have the task of publishing.

then I own forum to be able to carry out such Witkey service? Chinese doubt guest is completely independent development, is not the traditional sense of the forum, users can only generate transactions between the one-way communication mode is not suitable, this forum. More professional answer together, in order to attract people with more questions. You recommend the registration of ID is more likely to produce consumption. And now to the commission percentage is 10%, and the site of the Commission income. If you recommend a higher amount of user transactions, and even can be raised alone, which is more than you want to start from scratch.

finally give you doubt guest China website ( you are free to look at, what do not understand can contact customer service consulting.

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