Google (9)Google news search techniques to help you to observe competitors

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Google good search and ease of use has been welcomed by the majority of users, but in addition we often use the Google website, images and news search, there are many other search functions and search skills. If we can make full use of it, it will bring more convenience. Here I introduce a few useful search skills, in peacetime search can be combined with the use of.

by Google news, improve work efficiency

Google news Google automatically send news customization, users can customize their own needs, Google will be set at the time (instant, daily and weekly) sent to the user to search the latest Google news articles, the latest news is very convenient, we can use this function to track their own company and competition the opponent.

I do a search for development company, I need daily attention to their competitors, so I just log: Hl=zh-CN, and then in the search term "input" Google ", the" frequency "of every day, every day can receive the latest news about Google, also in the search words" input "Baidu", Baidu can get the latest news.

The function of

itself with English in Translation

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