A simple analysis of the Tao station today and in the future

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The current status of


. A station too much. I believe you now just go to Baidu search and Taobao shopping related keywords, there will be a variety of guest station. What is the cause of this situation? Many people are Ali mother home billboard those high-income people confused, determined to do guest will earn a lot of money. Or listen to the expert’s experience of their predecessors, is that there must be a website to do guest, which led to the station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out. Of course, I do not seriously is the station do can be very profitable. But the fact is that most of the new guest webmaster ignore the user experience, the website construction of large, in fact, the subtext is large and disorderly, or not for the user.

two. Most of the site’s source code similar. I find that many people now do guest intention seems not to make money, but brought comparisons who station do pretty, doing fine. See a lot of the navigation station, there are basically 85% sites are very similar, but it is not the same as the local. The search engine spiders love what? We all know: the original love! So much the same station, a copycat one, do not say I saw the spider annoying, annoying, or even a visual fatigue. And ultimately benefit, or release the source program that a small number of people.


1 for the novice, navigation station Tao do not do as much as possible. Because this kind of website source similarity rate is too high, do not have too good effect, unless you are marketing expert.

2 must do special guest station, the same thing is not only the search engine doesn’t love, you will not love. In a large number of search engines now blocked station under the trend, we should gradually increase customer viscosity, not only do the short-lived business.

3 professional guest station should not blindly advocating flow is king. Traffic is a good thing, but if the conversion rate is certainly not an ideal income. Therefore, I think it is important to identify your target customers. I think, for the professional guest station, the conversion rate is the focus of attention should be paid to.

The development trend of

guestIn fact,

CPS belongs to Amoy advertising, the future development trend of the Tao can be said to be the future trend of CPS type of advertising. In all types of advertising, CPC and CPS is certainly the future development of the two major types of advertising. CPC not much said, Baidu promotion, GG advertising even began to launch its own Sogou Sogou promotion, it is a mainstream; another is certainly the mainstream CPS, CPS abroad has been quite popular, and we Chinese CPS is still in the initial phase, the CPS leader Ali (non Taobao alliance is mom). With the rapid development of the Internet, the future will certainly be as popular as foreign CPS.

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