A novice to do SP with half a day to earn 120 yuan a day enlightenment

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details determine success or failure!

a link, a good advertising alliance, a novice can stand to do a half a month on a daily profit of 114 yuan.

tea last night at the weekend, nephew came to me. He was excited and said, "I made 114 dollars today!"


sample, it is so happy, you will not make 1140 fly Oh……

"well, how do you do that?"

of the young people I have always been very patient, but also pay attention to their words and deeds, know that he is the first time to do SP, can have the harvest shall give him encouragement. Motioned him to sit down and pour tea for him.

"today I have 100 earnings, and got $114."

"well," he said. Don’t interrupt when others are talking, listening is a kind of respect, not in front of a good example.


today comes from Baidu more than 2 thousand IP. I think I understand, the key is in the temptation to do a Baidu page links."

links have seen a lot of temptation pages, there is no link in general, do Baidu links, can really increase the friendliness of Baidu, ranking can be a little higher than normal. But these days, Baidu is crazy. I don’t know what he’s doing.


"this is a good idea, how did you think?"

, I usually pay attention to some of the natural search rankings high site, generally have a lot of links, as well as HAO123, Baidu. These sites are not willing to do Links and our garbage station, don’t think about it, they gave us a contemptuous disregard, why can’t we take the initiative? So I tried at the bottom of the page Baidu Links try effect. Included also really faster than usual, ranking or some."


) a good boy!

garbage station also do links, do you think he did not only think, but also to do, so he succeeded.

"didn’t you teach me to choose an advertising alliance before? I’m going to look at what the temptation is. Read 22, there are 9 is to do the union of the second SMS, that is sp02. I think it’s a good ratio. To get in touch with their business, they say enough to do 5 free templates and technical guidance. I think the 5 volume should be easy to copy a site on the temptation to do a serious 2 days, there are a number of. SP02 technology gave me templates and technical guidance. In fact, what is the flow Union, almost. But they have a point is that other alliances can not be compared, is to enter the phone number out of the prompt page. This is too important, there are a few pages out of the union of good junk, he is too tempting to prompt the page, and our site with very good. And they step on Baidu space, QQ space >

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