Talk about the use of rogue plug-ins do Wangzhuan

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said that many newcomers do Wangzhuan difficult, indeed, developed in the network industry in 2009 is even more difficult to do wangzhuan.

now greatly small website is increasing, we think most of the webmaster is grassroots, no special technical personnel can only own guidance, while learning while exploring, and online advertising is omnipresent, how to win the victory in the hundreds of thousands of rise head and shoulders above others, 000 competitors? We do stand from the big direction it is convenient for busy people, contribute to the development of network industry, small is a living, to make money. Of course, we want to build the station at the same time be able to earn big money, what to make money?

              this problem must be difficult to answer! The same is the same type of site, thousands of competitors, if through ordinary means, then imagine the consequences will be like? As a grassroots webmaster, lack of funds, lack of investment, lack of human resources, only to maintain the site, and those big station webmaster website promotion through various means, have a special web site editor, SEO server optimization personnel, maintenance personnel, the cost of their network marketing money we can’t afford far! So, we want to find the trick on the site, do not always go the way others have gone, eat something other people chew.

said that I recently built the experience. Recently, friends and colleagues of the operating system on the integration of a friendship 100 site navigation, I feel pretty good, so I have a new plan, why not build a web site navigation, then let friends and friends to help promote it. So planning for a few days, bought a web site navigation program, and then apply for a domain name and space, started my website construction. Everything is ready, began to post propaganda, make friends, colleagues and friends to help themselves in various promotional publicity everywhere, QQ group, Post Bar, forum, blog, also use a lot of tools such as QQ group, group group, e-mail group etc..

propaganda on this for about half a month, or no improvement, IP traffic per day at around 1000 points, there is nothing to talk about advertising fees! This day passed, gradually lost interest. Once a day to see a Wangzhuan article, inspired, about the contents of the article is: many web site navigation is the integrated operating system or forced to set the home page to promote their own, to gradually expand the visibility, when IP traffic, you can earn advertising fees


                I just look in the Baidu search page lock plug-in, just a click on the search results, enter a home sale lock plug site, and customer service chat, feel together >

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