About WeChat industry number, the number of local entrepreneurship ideas

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shortly before WeChat began to write off part of the illegal account, and then it seems that WeChat marketing has entered a new turning point. It is understood that the majority of grassroots large began to turn the industry number and place. At the same time, there are some investors began looking for some kind of WeChat venture capital investment. As the general public to increase the number of fans fatigue, it is difficult to put the fan base bigger. So, by contrast, do the number of industry and local value is very high, the profit will be greater opportunities.

micro signal related to entrepreneurship is divided into the following categories: 1, WeChat marketing planning;, WeChat large operation; 3, enterprise WeChat generation operation; 4, WeChat marketing training. In fact, according to their own situation to determine the direction. And now it’s not too late.

why the industry number and local number more valuable WeChat marketing itself has a more precise advantage, and the industry number and local number is more accurate in precision. Recently, a lot of 10W, 20W more than the large are in a variety of advertising, such as APP advertising, with the number, etc., 10W fans of the public can earn about 2000 yuan a day is very good. Now the market is 50 yuan / ten thousand of the price of the fans have done. Real earnings should be some brand advertising can bring more profit, but 20W fans for brand advertising is still less, and for the enterprise is not accurate fans. Unless you can integrate millions of fans, and then some Brand Company advertising resources. For most people, it’s still hard. So now a lot of large advertising is very poor, did not achieve the desired level of profitability.


is a health, financial, automotive and IT industries, or Shanghai, Beijing and other local, 20W fans, its value is very high, the industry number equivalent to a 20W subscription industry magazine, the local number is equivalent to a 20W issue this newspaper. A number of 20W and a number of 10W financial, financial companies would certainly prefer to choose 10W financial number. And I believe that this industry is the number of fans 10W customized marketing advertising to do a fee should be more than ten thousand yuan. For the enterprise marketing effect should not be bad.

and local number relative to the industry number, it is easier to find some customers. After all, the number of fans in the industry is distributed throughout the country, so to find some large companies or a number of products with a wide range of customers to do marketing, it will be more difficult. The local number, fans are more concentrated, advertising resources will be very much more. Mainly to do marketing for local life service enterprises, basically is a city of millions more of the population, for local corporations, and marriage, idle away in seeking pleasure and wealth management, decoration… Not listed,… It is too much.

difficulty is how to accumulate fans, the local number to do hundreds of thousands of fans will be more competitive, so do the local number or to invest a certain amount of resources to do it

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