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Tencent Francisco (ghost) in Beijing on January 15th news, according to foreign media reports, after the great success of Facebook, many start-ups are adopting similar user acquisition strategies (user acquistion strategy). The day before, a young entrepreneur wrote and recorded the process between the number of user own easily over a million overnight. The following is the full text:

many startups, want to choose to rely on the growth of the number of users to succeed. And this craze, mainly due to the huge success of Facebook – many start-ups are also closely followed the pace of Facebook.

but such a model, only at the beginning of the great traction, to be successful. In second start-ups I as an example, this website is targeting a very niche market to help high school students to participate in College enrollment.

we decided to adopt a user growth strategy, and overnight, the number of our users, from 0 to storm surge of up to 10000. In fact, things are really good crazy, our server instantly collapse, feedback swarms when we released only "test version".

How did the explosion of

happen? There is no magic in our success, nor is it a blessing or a pious prayer. Before we started, my team and I were serious about making strategies.

Determination of


we do not plan to personally contact the students, but want to find a credible, authoritative influence, help us to convey information to a group.

for us, high school teachers, counselors, principals are ideal candidates. A few months before the release, we were aware of this and began to contact one by one.

soon, however, we found that the facts are not optimistic – they do not convey this information to us, so we turned to the next group of candidates. We got in touch with a TV station, which was very popular in high school through short and funny news.

we managed to get in touch with them, and they immediately liked the idea. The TV station lets us prepare a two or three minute long clip and post the video on the website. As we were prepared to do so 2 months ago, we had time to plan and execute marketing plans.

video about later broadcast, and overnight we received more than ten thousand users. And the site is more and more crazy, we are even students selected for the first channel news (Channel One new>)

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