Red Net economy Taobao Tmall babe network double eleven fun live

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days ago, Analysys Analysys released "study on female socialization electricity supplier development special Chinese net red under economic report 2016", points out that more than one million the number of red, red net industry scale has reached 52 billion 800 million, the electricity supplier + live in 2016 accounted for Chinese red net industry’s total revenue 86.4%, the electricity supplier has become the main channel of red net cash. In the double eleven of the electricity supplier in the game, the appliance manufacturers have used live innovative gameplay attracted countless "chop hand family, the future network broadcast Red + electricity supplier will also continue to be business growth.



report shows that in 2015 China’s industrial scale Red Net 25 billion 100 million yuan, this year will reach 52 billion 800 million, which highlights the huge scale of national network of red, and with the rise of red net economy, social business has vitality, of which electricity supplier + live accounted for 86.4%, while women and women "Red Net chop hand family with most data show that female users accounted for 96.7%, far more than male users. In such a big trend, the big electricity supplier companies how to seize this hot spot?

in the double eleven war, the appliance has many innovative gameplay, red net live certainly be nothing difficult. Tmall APP home in the middle of the location set up a live broadcast, broadcast products and promotional activities at any time. Taobao live broadcast of the launch of Ali platform, positioned in the consumer live, the user can see while buying covers the mother and child, beauty, tide ride, food, exercise, etc.. The new mobile game player babe network this dual eleven activities are also full of celebrity mother live homework, let the Reds mother hands experiment good explosion models, vowed to give my mother the best 50 million. It is understood that during the double eleven, there are 10 big coffee babe network Reds mother live, double 11 24 hour uninterrupted live all day long. The highest activity during the Reds street sales surged 100 times.


industry believes that online shopping for consumers, live + electricity supplier in the most real, the most intuitive way to let them know the best products and the best quality, this is a new round of consumption upgrade, consumers, especially the products of mother crowd of beauty and quality of goods and services in pursuit of more and more high. According to Analysys data, red net industry is expected in 2018 will exceed 100 billion, then the network will become red live electricity supplier after growth.

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