Tencent business comeback plan borrow O2O gold digging trillion market

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September 24th, Tencent’s Micro life team officially released a micro life membership card X1 version. In this new product, including many of the industry’s exciting concept: Mobile providers, WeChat payment, O2O…… More importantly, this new thing ambition enough: short-term goal is to be struck dumb month turnover of 1 billion yuan. "This one is likely to be our chance to turn", a Tencent executives said the electricity supplier.

short-term goals: monthly turnover of 1 billion yuan

is "Twitter Life membership card" is what the hell? A new version of X1 Twitter Life based on the membership card before, the integration of mobile CRM (customer management system), WeChat mobile, WeChat customer service, custom menu and mobile phone QQ payment coupons platform five core functions, provides the user information management system for closed loop for businesses.

Tencent Twitter Life to the next line of business is to create a digital user management system of a mobile and social networking, here the lack of IT ability of offline businesses through our digital tools, user management, social marketing and customer service, more precise micro customer service and other value-added applications, without reducing profits under the condition of existing mining user’s consumption potential." Geng Zhijun, general manager of Tencent micro life.

According to

, the Tencent Twitter Life service currently has more than and 30 Super City 1000 brands, over 10000 stores, there are 30 million users in Twitter Life platform to receive a membership card, issuing a total amount of more than 50 million, is expected to be over more than and 40 city by the end of this year, more than 80 million users. In fact, Tencent micro life membership card short-term goal is to achieve the monthly turnover of 1 billion yuan, but compared to the traditional market over the line trillion, mobile life electricity supplier market development has just begun.

build dual O2O closed loop

Geng Zhijun said, "closed loop Twitter Life completed actually has two kinds, one is a closed loop payment, that is a lot of consumers in the mobile terminal line to complete from the selected goods to the whole process of payment, but the more common is another, that is the closed loop of information." He gave reporters described a scene: when you and your friends want to eat in a restaurant, on the way through Twitter Life membership card to get a verification code, to obtain concessions, and complete the order according to the number of diners, then go directly to the hotel for consumption.

"the previous model is often placed in the hotel online through advertising or issuing coupons displayed, with discounts to attract customers to the store consumption, but the consumption after they did not record the information of users, IT hotel is also not clear how users will give preferential treatment, but not the consumers precise division." Closed loop information Twitter Life membership card and mobile social networking can record each user accurately in the consumption situation of the hotel, even their long time to the restaurant to eat a meal, every time consumption amount, some users will not come again "

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