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general domain name market category, the domain name suffix will be classified, but the actual operation, you will find that the domain name market there are many different classification methods. Here are some common types:

1, pure rice. All the letters or all of the digital domain name, the domain name is relatively good visual products, and therefore particularly popular. The domain name no more than 3 meters of pure, because the quantity is less, easy to remember, the market price is high, minon is known as the "hard currency", while the hard currency outside, there are a lot of rice products:

word meter. Is commonly used in English words, word domain name is high value, because the world wide market potential. Now the website content area and city subdivision, so, in common English add – provinces domain, is increasingly favored by people, such as gdJob (Guangdong talent), this kind of domain name speculation value is not great, but have practical value, easy to understand and easy to remember domain name, but also because the domain name with the keyword search comparison of affinity engine.

The spelling

meters. Is commonly used by the phonetic composition of the domain name. The spelling meter value, to analyze specific issues, common words, phrases such as everyone knows, not only recognized by Internet users, search engine can understand, high market value, but some spelling meters only two Pinyin together, not what the actual significance, this domain name is of no value, then again, if your spelling is just the name of the combination of a famous enterprise or a famous product, it is different.

digital meter. 4 within the pure digital domain name, has all been registered, but it is not to say that the high value of digital domain name. Some easy figures are very valuable, for example 372110002000, but some of the numbers is nonsense, users may not be able to read several times and remember, its value is greatly reduced. In our country, there is a domain name which is very popular in digital rice, that is –

code M. Due to the use of the domain name is our common telephone number, so, even if not what publicity, there will be a lot of people remember and know that it represents the area, so it has very high practical value, so this kind of domain name in the market price is high.

2, hybrid rice. Numbers and letters mixed domain name, is miscellaneous rice. The overall market price of hybrid rice is lower than that of pure rice, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, through digital homophonic or metonymy, can shorten the domain name, the domain name short and intuitive, such as 35 (business), 15 (practice), and 54 (Youth), such as 38 (women), 61 (children), the domain name by the establishment of the station to welcome. Some hybrid rice is a proprietary vocabulary, it should also be valuable domain names, such as MP3, B2B, b2c.

bar meters. The bar is a complex meter meter, digital tape or letters with bar bar. A smaller proportion of share in the market in the bar meter, meter bar but represent 365 days a year to date has all been registered, such as 7-1>

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