Whose boundless as thin C7 wing – slim first friction!

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last 2016, the electricity supplier carnival is still in progress. Lin Chiling PHILPS spokesperson, about the benefits the party also warmly invited everyone to join the "PHILPS display of large thin eye"! Start from zero today, PHILPS display the biggest surprise is the new C7 245C7QJSB wing friction display in fiber Bo Shoufa mall Jingdong.

the new listing, C7 wing wing 245C7QJSB display enabled the appointment of the sales model, to maximize the user’s first day of the first single experience, and a large wave of savings. According to the customer service staff said, twelve of the 30 minutes before midnight, the page flow of PHILPS display Jingdong mall flagship store suddenly began to surge, and was a blowout, more users began to frantically grab a single, C7 friction wing 245C7QJSB into the shopping cart in advance, for the twelve to open grab. Zero after sales are instantly broke out, especially before participating in pre-sales activities, users have to grab the payment, in order to remove the first time goods package! According to the brand side revealed that the C7 friction wing 245C7QJSB starting new hot, one hand the user is of great concern and enthusiasm for the C7 to 5.2 mm thin wing skin the other is the first limited number. As of now, the official said: the number of new emergency, the first time to feel its slim charm, need to speed up the time order of

!It is said that the

C7 wing friction 245C7QJSB display, let the goddess Zhiling sister is at first sight. Through the campaign and the early warm-up of starting new, twelve Carnival tide detonated in advance, not only accumulated potential sales for the day selling for C7, Moldova wing pocketed the popularity of


that’s the question, why is C7 245C7QJSB so appealing?


thin to 5.2mm, challenge the industrial design limit of the display!

now, you know that can monitor how thin? 5.2mm! Many people heard the first digital flat panel display is not possible, had also never reached such a high level, you know I7 intelligent mobile phone thickness to 6.7mm, although the smart products are highly concise fashion style, but this is PHILPS’s slim display display the challenge of industrial design, fully display the limit, highlighting the strength of PHILPS industrial design strong



fiber narrow 2mm, if there is no expansion wide vision!

is as thin as onion skin, delicate as silk, hollow metal base texture, show the modern fashion style. At the same time, the design of three boundless edge, a very narrow border 2mm release more screen space, bring free viewing experience for you, as if the picture ran out.

at the same time 90%NTSC wide color gamut coverage, so that a wider color range, more vivid picture; AH-I>

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