Domain name investment in ten directions – domain name registration keywords

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I would like to talk about some of their immature views for your reference:

registration and purchase the domain name as an investment, must pay special attention to the choice of keywords, the general should be as far as possible the choice of short and high commercial value keywords domain name as the investment direction, we will name keywords mainly classified into the following categories:

1, names, including stars (the sun. Earth. C, etc., the national provinces, cities, scenic spots, the sea (Pacific), etc.;

2, industries, such as tourism. , clothing. Cold drink. Printing. Automobile, machinery. Such com;

4, the name of the firm, such as victory. Rich. Such com;

5, the service class, such as moving home. Negotiable securities。 , shopping. Such com;

6, health, such as hepatitis B. Cancer. Plastic surgery. Reduce weight。 Breast. , beauty. Such com;

8, solar term, such as the spring festival. Lantern Festival, Valentine’s day. Mid autumn festival. National day. Christmas. Etc.;

9, popular keywords, such as game. Film. Novel. , animation. , music. , weather. Such com,

in the choice of keywords, we should avoid some famous trademark or trade name exclusive, the former easily attracted lawsuit, but not moral, the latter if I don’t buy this exclusive name, domain name in bad hand. Of course, there are also friends of this domain also benefited greatly, do not mention.

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