Talking about some of the magic weapon to promote the management of the shop

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now, the online shop has become a trend, a fashion shop online, not only promotes the development of many industries around (such as logistics), create more jobs, to ease the employment pressure is too large, more important is the online shop for our hobbies in this industry group a business, to show themselves, even a chance to change their future. With the growing size of the online shopping market and the employment problem is more and more serious, there will be more people choose to shop online.

sure you often listen to media reports about successful shop merchant deeds, among them there are some net worth, how they are a step toward success, I have not studied, but for us to sell distribution platform ( the shop dealers group, I have the right to speak too much. Because I’ve been on our sales platform on the top ten of the shop is also in-depth investigation and research, summed up a few shop (Taobao, eBay, pat, there is ah) promotion management method.

1 professional, specific


professional, if the owner of the sale of products or related field of sufficient understanding, can provide professional guidance for the buyers, the buyers of the hearts of the trust will greatly increase the possibility of consumer behavior will greatly increase, if you do not have professional knowledge, please immediately learn. A specific, if you want to shop well, bigger, it must be full-time, but also to do, rather than part-time, fun, imagine, if you do not often, even if there is a person to ask how buyers can, whether you are not in. Sell distribution platform sales of the top ten owners without exception, are full-time, eight started on clothing (our platform is doing clothing) very well, the other two through their own learning, but also proficient in professional knowledge.

2 initial promotion

on the initial promotion, I want to say two very important here, first of all is that you shop just opened up, people want to buy things is a bit difficult, so you have to start all around you can use the relationship between groups, to cheer for your shop, including relatives and friends colleagues, classmates, etc., since the goods in the shop to sell, that people need, where to buy are bought, why not let them buy it, not on them to make money, earn a reputation. There is a second if you are afraid of the trouble, then you will find a professional person to help you brush the credibility of it (Note: must not find that brush the credibility of the general risk, the closed shop closed shop brush reputation consequences, whether you do not letter letter shop), we sell together distribution platform had specialized in this business.

3 pay promotion

take Taobao, Taobao launched a variety of disguised charges of the project, such as through train, consumer protection, Wang shop, etc., must be used, the train can attract more

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